The mission of the Academy program is to identify and develop those U6 thru U9 players who have the ability to follow directions and have a desire to spend the time required to develop individually as a player.  In addition, we strive towards the idea that quality and long-term benefits are more important than short-term gains.

Academy is designed for the passionate, excited U6 – U9 player who desires to be challenged in every aspect of their game.  Junior Academy will offer a basic introduction to passing, receiving, ball striking, ball control, dribbling, heading, and a continued effort to expand each player’s own coordination, balance, and body movements, as well as confidence.


Why Should You Choose The Academy?

For the boys and girls in the Academy, the goal is to give them every opportunity to learn the game of soccer.  This means whether they are recreational or competitive players to give them the tools they need to improve their soccer skills in a fun and development environment.  The purpose of the academy is not only to develop the players but to get players to know other players within their age level.  As they go up in age there is more of a chance they will play with one another.   With that being the case it is highly important that all players are given the same training.

What age bracket is my kid?

Cost and Program

Total cost for fall & spring seasons is $125.00.  The full fee of $125.00 is due when you accept a spot on the Academy roster.

Fees Include:

  • One pair of socks, one pair of shorts and two jerseys.


  • Training will consist of a 10-12 week season in fall & spring
  • There will be 2 training sessions per week
  • 1 game per team per week
  • Sessions to be one hour and 15 minutes in duration
  • Teams get added exposure to development training
  • Skills Factory Camp (<–Click here to get information about our FREE soccer camp)
Academy Form:
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All training, games, and curriculum implementation is through the professional training staff of Arsenal United.  Academy is a developmental program that provides 2 one-hour and 15 minute training sessions per week, in addition to small sided games on Friday nights & some Saturdays with surrounding clubs.

The advantages of small sided training, especially at the U6-U9 Level, are numerous. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fewer players per team = More touches/involvement
  • Repetition = Improved player development
  • More dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving
  • Player involvement and quality improved by avg 206%
  • Physically appropriate
  • Players remain more focused – No hiding
  • Principles of game are easier to see for coaches
  • More player involvement = MORE FUN!!!
  • Improved player development = MORE FUN!!!


Small Sided Facts

  • Player possession in a 40 minute game
    • 11 v 11 = 1 min. 58 seconds per player avg
    • 3 v 3 = 6 min. 40 seconds per player avg
  • Passes increased = 135%
  • Goals scored = 500%
  • 1 vs 1 encounters = 225%
  • Dribbling skills used = 280%


*** Parents that want to participate as coaches in the club at U10 are strongly encouraged to first participate in the Academy as a parent coach.  For more detailed information regarding this please call (208) 649-6151


Note:  Arsenal United FC uses the Junior Academy as a tool to measure kid’s ability and competitive nature to determine recommendation for the next level.  Once your child has finished the U8 academy he or she will be place in the Rec- Plus division or one of our competitive A or B brackets.


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