Team Managers Expectations

Managers are responsible for the administration and finances of the respective team. The manager can select parents, with the approval of the coach, to assist with team responsibilities. Additionally they will be responsible for the following areas:
Prepare for “Tryouts”

  • Attend preseason mangers planning meeting to receive forms, instructions and information packets
  • Complete team fact sheet for distribution on signing day
  • Contact players at coach’s request
  • Send out club invitations for tryouts, per coach’s instruction
  • Arrange for parents to help sign-players, organize etc.

Organize signing day

  • Ensure that no contract or club paperwork is signed prior to the official signing day (currently July1)
  • Present players and parents with budgeting financial obligations, rules, schedule contracts, medical releases and all other information pertaining to team operations and coaches special instructions.
  • Ensure that all paperwork is filled out properly and verify accuracy, including birth certificates
  • Collect initial payment with paperwork and make sure necessary forms are notarized
  • Size and order uniforms (all numbers are decided by coach)
  • Register team (make sure paperwork is submitted on time)
  • Home association
  • Register team for league tryout, if necessary
  • Register team for playing league

Meet Financial Obligations

o Ensure, with the help of the coach, all team obligations to the club are met.
In the case of financial hardship or difficulty in collecting fees, a manager should immediately inform the coach, so that he or she may resolve the problem

Refer all problems involving concerns of playing time and coaching issues to the team coach immediately.


  • Meet with the coach to determine which tournaments the team will participate in. The coach selects tournaments for the team
  • Obtain an application and find out what paperwork is needed for registration.
  • Register on time for the tournaments
  • Present tournament costs to parents and collect fees
  • Apply for travel permit, if traveling outside of Idaho. Travel permit need to be into IYSA 30 day in advance for thus tournaments.  You will need travel roster (signatures must match player cars and names must be the same as IYSA roster, player cards, IYSA roster and fees.
  • Check with the coach to see if guest players are to be invited. Obtain IYSA release form, medical release and player pass. Ensure that player gets to Boise office, practices and the tournament. Follow club and IYSA guidelines in regards to guest players at all times.
  • Club policy states that guest players are to be selected and invited by coaches.

Additionally, as a matter of professional courtesy, requests for the release of the player shall be made from coach to coach.

  • Arrange for hotel close to fields if applicable. Present hotel with a rooming list form the coach. Arrange for payment of rooms and transportation for those players going without parents. Be aware of all cancellation policies.
  • Arrange for coach’s hotel, airline ticket, rental car and per-diem.
  • Hand out coach’s itinerary of or the tournament outlining times and places for practices, meeting, meals lights out and games to all players
  • Register at tournament and attend manager’s meeting
  • Collection of all player tournament assessments should be made prior to the departure for the tournament unless prior arrangements have been made with the coach.


  • Manage team information on website with all required information