To serve the youth of Nampa and surrounding communities by offering a safe place for children to build leadership and teamwork skills while providing healthy physical activity to enhance confidence and self-esteem.  Develop and grow in a positive manner as soccer players, athletes and members of society by establishing and maintaining programs for age-appropriate training and development and playing opportunities to enhance skills, promote sportsmanship, mutual respect and teamwork and foster love of the game.



Improve the youth sports experience in our community.  We believe that a healthy sports program is the cornerstone of a community, building pride, civic engagement, and physical, mental and moral well being.



  • Promote healthier lifestyles and habits through active participation at all skill levels and abilities.
  • Build strong values through fair play and good citizenship.
  • Develop and share leadership skills needed to become well-rounded, young adults.
  • Promote good sportsmanship and encourage high standards of performance and conduct on and off the field, inclusive of players, coaches and spectators.
  • Establish a strong volunteer base in the community.
  • To keep the community well informed about our sports program schedules, events and accomplishments.


Arsenal United FC is a non-profit soccer club based in Nampa, Idaho.


(208) 649-6151 | Arsenal United FC P.O. Box 3825 Nampa, ID 83653