Arsenal United FC Competitive

Arsenal United provides a great opportunity for players seeking a competitive experience.  Arsenal United competitive youth players between the ages of 9 and 16 will be selected through a tryout process, then placed in one of the numerous teams at each age group.  This allows players to be grouped with others of similar ability, creating the best possible environment to develop technically and tactically.  Emphasis is placed on creating an environment for committed and talented players that maximizes technical and tactical development, while stressing sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game.  Depending on the team level, most Arsenal teams will be successfully competing throughout the Treasure Valley, and will compete in the Idaho Youth Soccer Association.

If your child is not ready for competitive play we encourage you to check out our Rec Plus Program: Arsenal United FC Rec Plus


Player Age Chart: Click Here

Program and Fees

Total cost for fall & spring seasons:

  • U10 – $400 Competitive Fees + $145.00 Arsenal Competitive Package
  • U11-U12 – $400 Competitive Fees + $145.00 Arsenal Competitive Package
  • U13-U14 – $400 Competitive Fees + $145.00 Arsenal Competitive Package
  • U15      – $400 Competitive Fees + $145.oo Arsenal Competitive Package
  • U16-U19 – $250 Competitive Fees + $145.oo Arsenal Competitive Package *** SPRING ONLY***


**All fees are for full year membership into Arsenal United FC


**For Just Fall**
  • U10 $325 Competitive+ Arsenal Package
  • U11/U12 $325 Competitive + Arsenal Package
  • U13/U14 $325 Competitive + Arsenal Package
  • U15 $325 Competitive + Arsenal Package

Registration Form:

Print Form: Competitive 

Online Form: Competitive

Program Includes:

  • Certified Coaching
  • Practice 2-3x Week
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • IYSA League Competitive Play
  • Age and Gender Specific Play
  • US Youth Soccer Development Model Training
  • 2-4 Tournaments per Year (not included with program fee)
  • Summer Conditioning Program
  • isoccer Testing 2x Year


It is important to note that events such as in-state and out-of-state tournaments and summer team training camps are considered an integral part of the competitive program and are not optional.  A commitment by parents to the competitive program is a commitment that their son or daughter will attend all team’s events.

Travel Commitment

In addition to local competitive tournaments, each age group at 10 and older is expected to commit to traveling to other tournaments.  This may include at least one tournament.  In some instances, our A bracket teams could travel to at least 1 or 2 out-of-area tournaments.

Since the costs for transportation, meals, and hotels for these tournaments will vary according to the situation, no specific costs have been added to the financial summary.  There may be opportunities to underwrite some or all of these expenses through team coordinated fundraising activities.  However, parents should make their commitment to the competitive program based on the assumption they will have to pay for their child’s full expenses for transportation, meals, and hotels for these tournaments.  It is expected that a team’s parents will help pay for certain tournament travel costs for the team coach.

Volunteer Commitment

The competitive program requires a number of volunteers to operate effectively and efficiently.  These positions typically require a commitment for the entire seasonal year.

Volunteers from each competitive team will be needed for the following positions:

Team Manager – Player passes, team parties, parent meetings, travel, tournament applications, training schedules, etc.

Team Treasurer – Handles the money for the individual team and works with the league’s treasurer to provide

standardized reports for accountability.

Individual Team Volunteers – Including snack coordinator, tournament volunteer, flag bearer, first aid, statistician, team publicity, communication coordinator (website, newspapers), etc.


(208) 649-6151 | Arsenal United FC P.O. Box 3825 Nampa, ID 83653